Culinary (takes 1st and 2nd periods) (10 and Up, Lisa Parigi)

Culinary (takes 1st and 2nd periods) (10 and Up, Lisa Parigi)


Do you have any aspiring chefs? We have an amazing new culinary instructor who has experience working at the Mansion Restaurant on Turtle Creek in DFW. This 2-hour class will be for children ages 10 and older due to the fact that they will be dealing with knives and kitchen utensils. Safety first. They will be learning the kitchen by stations and categories-( just like they would if they were working in an upscale restaurant). In the first semester they will be learning food/kitchen safety and sanitation as well as cooking terms and the different parts of meal preparation. They also will be preparing some appetizers, salads, fruits and vegetables, Hors d'oeuvres, and possibly a dessert or two. The second semester they will move on to full meal preparation and continue building their recipe book so that as they finish the year they will be able to prepare several meals completely on their own, or with minimal assistance.

Tuition: $70

Semester Supply Fee: $75

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