Intro to Communications (11 and up, J'Non Whitlark)

Intro to Communications (11 and up, J'Non Whitlark)


Fear of public speaking may even outrank fear of death for many, but it does not have to be a nightmare for us! By shining a bright light on the how and why of speech, and practicing in a safe and positive learning environment, we will take away the mystery and fear that often surrounds it! This course sets a foundation in the interdisciplinary skills of active listening and effective notetaking, with close investigation of great speeches and speakers as we begin to craft our own words, Along the way we will become familiar with rhetorical devices and how to actually use them in our own writing and presentations. *Access to an email account (parent and/or student) and Google Docs to share work online for instructor feedback is extremely helpful!

Tuition: $35

Semester Supply Fee: $35

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