Robotics 101 (11 to 16, Missy Weakley)

Robotics 101 (11 to 16, Missy Weakley)


Vex robotics is the largest platform for robotics in the world. In fact, it made the Guinness Book of World Records in March 2016 for this accomplishment.  Using this world class curriculum and manipulatives this course will be a beginning/intermediate upper-level ages (11-16) robotics course to prepare students to continue on with robotics in the future.  There is a workbook where there will be some parts of the lessons they will complete at home and be quizzed on when returning to class.  During the class period, they will start out by building two and three part complex machines, pr to putting together a robot with instructions and operating and testing it and then move on to designing,building and programming a robot. In this strong STEM course they will be learning gear ratios, formulas and other Important STEM concepts. As we like to say, robots is about a whole lot more than just robots. Robots is brainstorming, teamwork, collaborating, troubleshooting, problem-solving, and most important of all outside-the-box and critical thinking skills.  VEX is a co-curricular program specifically tailored to bring the appeal of robotics competition into the classroom. Robotics is an engaging way to integrate STEM education and head-to-head competition in an easy, natural way to capture students attention and keep them engaged. After experiencing the excitement that comes with building and competing with their robots, your students will be having too much fun to realize they're learning important STEM concepts and life skills!

Tuition: $40

Semester Supply Fee: $40

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