UL Sewing (11 and Up, Tracie Turner)

UL Sewing (11 and Up, Tracie Turner)


Our sewing instructor brings a unique blend of humor, patience. She has a meticulous eye for techniques, shortcuts, & tips. It is the primary goal of this class to set students up for success. Our teacher takes a tremendous pride in her students. The class will meet the student at whatever level of skill and go from there. Students will All move through each skill together. Many important sewing terms will be taught with the students keeping notebooks for future reference. Students will be encouraged to keep these even after the sewing classes. Particular skills planned for student in this class include: sewing straight & even seams, machine hemming, sewing curves, putting in zippers, how to measure & create a pattern. Projects planned at this time are decorative reversible bags, pillows, organizers, iPhone charging stations and key fobs. Projects will be proudly displayed at our end-of-term celebration!

Tuition: $35

Semester Supply Fee: $40

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