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Teacher Bios


Amber Kensinger

Art has been her earliest and constant passion. She remembers copying illustrations from her early reading books, like Dr. Seuss. In high school she gained a reputation as the artist that could copy anything. She painted nearly all of the posters and run-through banners for her high-school football team. She also won a county-wide logo competition for United Way. She received many scholarships to art colleges and decided to become an art major at Harding University. She completed her 4-year graphic design degree in 2004. She enjoyed taking as many art courses as possible, including (but not limited to) Painting 101, Advanced Painting, Watercolor, Drawing, Mixed Media, Pottery, Jewelry-making, and many Graphic Design courses. After graduating college, she worked for eSports Partners (of Coppell, TX) designing brochures, advertisements, websites, and other e-commerce materials for many college and professional Football teams including the New York Giants, the New England Patriots, the Washington Redskins, the Detroit Lions, the Arizona Cardinals, the Los Angeles Chargers, the Miami Dolphins, the Tennessee Titans, the University of Tennessee, and others. After that she moved to Virginia and worked for a printing press called Payne Publishers. She learned so much and loved working there. It was so rewarding to work for a family-owned business with ethics and genuine love for their employees. She blossomed in this nurturing environment, and the experience was a wonderful one that allowed her to reach her potential as a graphic designer. She met her spouse during her time in Virginia and worked at Payne Publishers until the day her first child was born. She feels that with children we continually have a new beginning, a blank canvas. As one of the new RC3 art teachers, she considers it an honor and blessing to witness and encourage the talents of the children of the Royse City Christian Co-op.


Cheryl Parker

She enjoys seeking new learning opportunities and experiences. Throughout her life, she has tried to learn about many different fields. Her hobbies have included piano, choir, art, sound engineering, piloting, astronomy, web development, sign language, and photography. During college, she discovered that she had an interest in technology. She graduated with her BA in Computer Science in 2003 and an MS in Computer Engineering in 2007. While working on her technical classes, she also took every American Sign Language class available, played in a steel band, joined the fencing club, and founded the university’s chess club. Her summers were filled with classes, mission trips, and internships. She had opportunities to help teach citizenship and ESL classes, lead a Girl Scout troop, take children on weekly field trips, and conduct public tours on solar physics at the National Solar Observatory. Upon completion of her Master’s degree, she moved to the Rockwall area and began work as a software engineer. During that time, she helped to create tools used by other groups for testing both hardware and software. She discovered her true passion was for bridging the technical understanding of the engineers with the non-technical requests from the end users. She soon moved into a systems engineering position that allowed her to interface with both end users and with engineers. She was able to architect solutions, create software requirements, test the software throughout its life cycle, and train the users on how to use the new tools.

In 2007 she married a wonderful Christian man who shares many of the same interests and passions that I have – including computer science, church ministry, and playing music. When their daughter was born in 2011, she left her engineering position to be able to stay home with her. Through first her daughter, and now also her son, she has rediscovered her passion for American Sign Language. ASL has provided a wonderful means for early communication with both children, and she continues to use it as a kinesthetic second language at home. In 2013, she joined the Signing Time Academy and began teaching basic American Sign Language vocabulary to families interested in using it for early communication with their children. She now has her own business, “Signing with Cheryl-Annette”, and she is very much enjoying teaching again.


Holly Lipsey

Holly is a homeschool mom of four children and has been homeschooling for 15 years. She is a graduate of the Computer Learning Center with a degree in Computerized Business Systems.

In 2015, she was able to use her MS office skills to write a workbook that corresponds with the book Convicted, a book on Christian Evidences by Brad Harrub. This workbook, with test pack and answer key, allowed Focus Press to offer their Convicted book as a Bible/Science credit curriculum package. She also enjoys crocheting and count cross-stitching. While she has used both hobbies to bless family and friends with gifts of love, she also sells most of her creations. She is looking forward to teaching crochet and cross-stich as she feels they are truly becoming a dying craft.



Andrea Foote

Andrea Foote was born and raised in Greenville, moving back here after 33 years. She earned her BS degree in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M.  Andrea’s husband of 27 years, John, is an engineer and she is the daughter of an engineer.  It's in the blood! 

Her hobbies include photography, sewing, beadwork, painting, and writing. She has three children (triplets) who recently graduated from Greenville High School.  She was able to homeschool her children for grades 5, 6, and 7 while living in an RV and traveling the country. During that time, she was able to get them 2 years ahead in math! She feels one of her strengths in the classroom is her ability to explain things to kids and help them make sense of difficult concepts. 

Andrea has varied experience including teaching how to write a research paper to international students attending Bible college, working with ESL classes, photographing several weddings, making costumes for the theater department at GHS, and she has been a Mentor for three Destination Imagination -  Project Outreach teams.

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Rebecca Moore

Rebecca Moore is the facilitator of our RC3 competitive speech club.  She is the mother of four, one graduated and three in middle school, and the owner of Recreational Resort Cottages and Cabins.  She has been coaching NCFCA and Stoa speech events for the last six years and has a passion for teaching communication skills to students.  She believes that the critical thinking, worldview, and communication skills that the competitive speech and debate program provides are vital to our children’s success in both business and ministry.  Rebecca brings with her years of experience leading other clubs, an Intercultural Communications degree, over 20 years of professional experience and training in sales and communications, teaching experience at other coops, and a heart for imparting a biblical worldview and training our children to effectively defend their faith.

Lisa Pairgi

Lisa has always enjoyed cooking and creating new dishes.  She enjoys the planning and organizing for serving large groups, a trait she inherited from her grandmother, who loved the same.  She feels serving others with food is a Biblical concept, as Jesus served many with a few loaves and fishes.  She thinks of food as it relates to nutrition and comfort as shown throughout the Bible. She has traveled to many places here and abroad experiencing other cultures and foods. She has visited top restaurants from New York to San Francisco picking up ideas and flavors.  Lisa obtained her General Education Degree and Culinary Degree at Wilkes College in North Carolina.  She has worked at "The Mansion on Turtle Creek" in Dallas, and other high-end restaurants in Chicago and North Carolina, where she operated her own business, "Buttercup".

Lisa and her husband, of 37 years, live in Rockwall and attend The Lake Pointe Church. They have three adult children and six grandsons, all of whom reside in North Carolina. Lisa loves children and teaching. She is looking forward to sharing her experiences with her students and their parents, and creating new ones with them.



Melissa Weakley

With just over 25 years of experience working with homeschool families in Texas, Missy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our organization. In the fall of 2015, she began as the co-op Spanish teacher, and in March of 2016 became director for the 2016-2017 Co-op year. During her time as Director, the organization has more than doubled in size and expanded to include all age groups, and has moved to Fellowship Church--the largest in Royse City.

She is also a Robotics program coach and teacher. In only a year, the robotics team Vex 1827 went from initial June 2016 meetings at the Royse City library all the way to the World Championships in 2017.  The team is now in the top 1% worldwide of the 4,000 in the Middle School Division of Vex, the largest robotics platform and competition in the world.

As the eldest child from a large family, Missy has been dealing with management and logistics for as long as she can remember! From her late teens through her mid-thirties Missy taught girls and boys of all ages during Vacation Bible School, Sunday school, Girls in action, private tutoring and more.  

While her father was active duty military and the chief of a fire department, she worked for military supply on the third largest Air Education and Training Command base in the US.  For two and a half years she worked to  supply hundreds of pilots everything they needed for their first year of training, as well as supporting all aircraft operations and all departments on the flight line.

As an Air Force brat, she had the opportunity to live in Panama as a child, and also spent 10 years living on the border of Texas and Mexico.  She is fluent in Spanish and has over eight years of formal education in the language from grade school through college.

Missy attended Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos. She also received a summer internship through the Fresh Air Fund in Fishkill, New York where she was a specialty skills counselor over photography instruction.

After returning to Texas,  Missy began supporting several homeschool families in her church by tutoring their middle and high schoolers in Spanish.

Missy has been married for 15 years and counting to David, who works at L-3 in Greenville.  Their son Jamison is 10. They attend Lone Oak Community Church. Missy is committed to her family and faith, and the positive growth of RC3.